December 2013 SIAST Students Work Tour

The Past Days

OUzxK5SThe days get harder and harder as I near the end of my stay. The hearts of the children and adults I met here in the refugee camps and in the schools, are gold, pure and larger than words can explain. The friends I have met here are sacred. Meeting many individuals that have a life story that you cannot imagine happening to you and carry on with the strength they have and be able to look at your smile.

Each and every person that I have men here has the strength, courage, faith and soul that make the leaders of a better life. They have encouraged me to do more than take a step back and see things in a different perspective and see a situation further than standing on top of your desk. With a smile and a hug strangers become friends forever!!

God bless them on their journey, may they have the courage and faith to move their mountains.

Kyle Culbertson