Our Commitment

Our commitments to you

We understand ourselves to be a part of a wider global family and believe that our responsibilities to one another cross national, cultural, and religious boundaries. Our work is a concrete expression of the interdependence of all people in community with each other as we seek to fulfill our responsibilities to help those who are in poverty as a result of circumstances beyond their own control.

We believe that the development of economic, social, political, material, spiritual, and cultural conditions are necessary for all people to flourish and reach their full human potential and we accept our responsibility to promote the common good of the larger society.

The poor and marginalized have the most urgent claim on our mission as their vulnerability and oppression harms us all. We seek to stand alongside suffering communities in solidarity, sharing our talents, resources, and time with them, and analyzing and addressing structural causes and systems that continue to impoverish them.

In places where we work and serve, we seek to honor the autonomy of local communities, encouraging individual, familial, and other shared initiatives that allow people to direct their own development process.

We believe that work is a meaningful expression of our human dignity and a means of contributing to the larger human family. Our charity will pay a just wage, to ensure safe and decent working conditions for those for whom we seek employment, and to affirm the right to form associations.

Socially constructed roles too often thwart the potential of girls and women. Discrimination denies them education and any potential for a fair income. Discrimination robs girls and women of the power to make decisions, to earn a living and to be free from violence, abuse and exploitation. It is the goal of the charity to provide equal opportunities for women and girls to access the programs and services provided by Global Neighbors Canada.

We believe that there is an inherent integrity of Creation, and we recognize that a delicate relationship exists between protecting our resources and promoting full human development. We seek to be creative in finding ways to make the earth’s resources flourish and to avoid their depletion through waste of assets, products, talent, human energy, and time. We seek responsible stewardship of those resources entrusted to us through support for programs and activities that are ecologically sustainable and are in harmony with the local environment.

We commit to the highest industry standards for the use of funds. We’ll keep our administrative and fund raising costs as low as possible, balancing this with the need for quality and integrity through the Charity.

We commit to being financially accountable. We take our role as stewards of resources very seriously. We will regularly perform audits to ensure that our programs are being well managed and that funds are being properly disbursed and applied.