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I would like to give you a brief overview of 2012 and some of the new things in store for Global Neighbors in 2013.

The main project in 2012 was the completion was the Teacher Trainer’s Dorm which will house up to 120 students. In November Calvary United Church raised most of the funds to build the kitchen and dining room for these students.

All of the tables and chairs were shipped by our partners in Victoria, B.C., Compassionate Resource Warehouse. They have shipped a total of 4 containers this year, the most loads we have handled in one year. Hundreds of families were helped with relief supplies, clinics received medical supplies and remote students were supplied with dry food.

We are currently working on a Safe House for 30 girls at risk of sexual exploitation. The SIAST Students from Moose Jaw Campus raised funds to do site preparation, build a kitchen/ dining room / laundry drying area. They also built a gazebo and garden area in memory of a fellow student that died in a car accident. We will start on the dorm construction in January with the library and the caregivers residence to follow. This project will be completed by July 2013. 1-306-764-3485 or email him at:  lapril  if you are interested in joining us.

The political situation continues to change in Myanmar with positive changes on the horizon. The actual conditions for the refugees and migrants has not changed significantly, however we need to prepare for the future if positive changes continue. Global Neighbors has applied for charity status in Myanmar. Approval should be granted by January 2013. We will continue to be of assistance to the migrants and refugees along the border, however we will start planning some work inside Myanmar in 2013. Our approach will be cautious, working on experimental projects, to begin with. There are several organizations that have requested partnerships once we are approved to work in Myanmar. The needs are so overwhelming with requests coming from all sectors. I met with a doctor in Myanmar and she told me that medical treatment was almost non existent in many communities. She had seen a patient the day before with stage 4 cervical cancer, she didn’t even have pain medication.

We still have openings for our February Work Tour which goes from Feb 7-21st. Contact Luc at 306-961-3799 or 306-763-3884.

Please keep us in mind for your charitable contributions when you do your year end tax planning.

We have a Youtube promotional video if you are interested in sharing our organization with your friends at:

Please Check our website for more information and contact information if you have any questions or would like someone to give a presentation to your group.

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Thanks for your support!

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Completion of the Teacher Preparedness Center “TPC”:

Global Neighbors Canada Inc assists displaced people in many ways, providing shelter, clothing, and food as well as helping to provide quality education where we can.

For the past 2 years we have worked on a very large project, a Training Facility.  During our past 7 years assisting the displaced people of Burma, we have found that the education level the children have been receiving is far from sufficient.  This is due to the situation going on in Myanmar and having unqualified teachers teaching the children.  The teachers are doing their best, but because of the lack of support and training for these teachers, they are unable to provide the level of education we are accustomed to for our children.

This training facility is a training center to train trainers and to train teachers. World Education and the Karen Teachers Working Group, (KTWG) are the organizations which will be teaming up with Global Neighbors in this venture.  These organizations will be responsible for administering the programs and will be responsible for all operations costs. The participants will board in the dorm for the time they are in the training.  These students receive professional training by qualified individuals and provided with the necessary skills to be able to go back to their home country and provide training to other teachers and children.

The training period for trainers will be 10 – 12 months with shorter terms, 1 to 4 weeks, for migrant teachers in the 55 schools along the border.  We feel this project is extremely important, as we will be able reach all across Myanmar, benefitting thousands of people and children from this program.  Education is the key to everyone’s success.  Another very important benefit we feel this program is having is that the students of different ethnic backgrounds who living in the same facility will have the opportunity to get to know one another, build relationships and support groups for each other once they return home.

There are 2 important aspects left to complete on this project.

1. We need a better and more reliable electrical source on our campus. Cost is around $12,000 CAD

2. We also need a filtered water source. A deep well is going to be required with a water filtration system. The cost will be around $20,000 CAD

We hope to have the 2 final items completed by the spring of 2013.

Safe House Construction

Our new project for 2013 is the construction of a Safe House for 30 girls. Girls are often exploited by the sex trade in South East Asia and other parts of the world. Global Neighbors is partnering with Faith Haus, a Filipino Mission. Global Neighbors is providing the land, buildings and some furnishings and Faith Haus is in charge of the operational aspects. We are targeting the girls from extremely poor family settings who are often at the greatest risk of being sold into prostitution. We are placing these girls into a caring environment where they will be nurtured and educated until they are ready for college or some other trade or profession.

Buildings on the Site:

1. An 8 room dormitory for 30 girls. This building has been funded.

2. A kitchen/ dining room / laundry drying area. This building is complete.

3. A large Gazebo and garden. Completed

4. A library and computer lab. Not built but funded.

5. The care givers residence with 4 bedrooms and living quarters. Not funded – cost $35,000 CAD

6. Assembly Hall for 100 people. Not funded – cost $50,000 CAD

If you would like to donate to complete all or a part of one of these buildings, please contact us.

Work Projects