Sawmill in Myanmar


Wanting to create a small industry near three villages in the jungles of Myanmar and having built a Clinic in the village of Tee Ka Haw we were familiar with some of the villagers and started discussions on possibilities for this idea. After bouncing a few ideas around, we decided to proceed with helping them get a portable sawmill.

We shipped a sawmill from Canada in 2015 and put it in storage in Myanmar till we got there to set it up. Luc April, Daniel April and Greg Folmer went in March 2019 to set it up, and teach the locals how to operate it. Between Greg and Daniel, they figured out the parts that had gone missing which we purchased. We also adapted other areas where parts could not be found. Low and behold on the third day, they had it fully operational. It didn’t take long for villagers to understand the concept on how it worked.

Being that this piece of equipment is portable it can be shared by many people in many places.

(see pictures and video below)