Joe Remai reflects on his trip

December 3, 2015

Thursday December 3rd was a confirming day for me. I am a supporter of Global Neighbors on my 5th work trip to Thailand. We took supplies to Thet Baw Bo School in Myanmar. This was accomplished by our driving our truck and van loaded with supplies to the river, and then the school had hired a

Crossing the river with supplies

large freight truck to go across the river. (It had high tires). We of the work crew all jumped in the box of the truck with the supplies and drove to the school!

I had visited this school once before bringing supplies about 3 years ago. Since that trip Global Neighbors had financed and organized a new school and a new well.  Also because the community now had a safe constant water supply, two new houses have been built close to the school.

The hand out of supplies went in an orderly fashion and the whole community gave an aura of progress.

Of course on our way back we couldn’t help ourselves, we had to wade across the river to our vans just like the Karen girls in front of us did.

The afternoon consisted of a visit to another school called Thoo Mwe Khee and again dropping off school supplies and aid packages.

I had been in this village in 2008, building classrooms. The classrooms are still being used and have stood up very well. The village is doing well with now a grade 1 to grade 12 recognized by the Thai education system exists. They are also able to offer university classes because of Global Neighbors building the classrooms and providing water The community is progressing with now over 600 students in classrooms including 280 boarding students.

I was once again reaffirmed that the Global Neighbors directors are targeting and implementing procedures that give the best potential for migrant children to succeed.


Joe Remai