Thoo Mwye Khee Classrooms – Thailand

Thoo Mwe Khee Classrooms

Global Neighbors has a long history with this Thailand based school.  Most of the  students are from Myanmar,  because the opportunity for a post 10 education is not available, this student population is simply exploding.  In 2019, the student enrollment was 944.  This number includes all levels of education from Primary and on up.  In 2020 they are expecting another 200 students

Global Neighbors received a proposal from head of the school, Brandon Newlin, to help provide classrooms for their Bachelor of Liberal Arts program.  There are so many challenges for students to achieve even the most rudimentary education that this goal is certainly a challenging one.  The expected enrollment in this higher education program is forecasted to be 337 students.  At the time of the request, students and teachers were working in temporary tent shelters.  When temperatures soar, classes are moved into the forest!

Global Neighbors board has approved the construction of a building, which will house 8 classrooms.  On February 2nd ,  2020 a ceremonial sod turning took place.  Construction is near completion, and the setting up of classrooms has begun.

Thoo Mwye Khee Classrooms - Thailand
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