The Spirit of Taw Nor Teaching Hospital

October 20, Taw Nor Teaching Hospital, Kawkareik Township, Myanmar. Early this morning, a young woman and her husband arrived at Taw Nor Teaching Hospital. She was immediately taken to the delivery room. Our medics, nurse midwife, and only doctor were pulled out of a Maternal and Child Survival training course to attend to the patient. Together, they worked to control her serious bleeding.

It rapidly became apparent that she needed a higher level of care. The closest hospital is 45 minutes away over a terrible, mud choked, extremely bumpy road. The only way to transport her was in the open bed of the TNTH building contractor’s pick-up truck. Without hesitation, the entire TNTH team started to move – all hands focused on getting this patient to Kawkareik Hospital.

We were both struck by the power of what happened next. We hope that the video conveys some of what we witnessed. The courage and stoicism of the patient and her husband were constant. The focus of the staff was unrelenting. There was no hesitation as Dr. Janu, Nurse-in-Charge Nan San Wai, and Medic Hae Nay Gay climbed into the back of the pick- up with the patient and her husband for the very tough trip ahead. The last image is of the hospital cleaner, who assisted with all aspects of the patient transfer, running behind the truck.

Each new day at TNTH, we marvel at the indomitable spirit and kindness of the Karen people. It was on full and moving display today.

– Mark Gorman and Nancy Knapp
Global Neighbors Country Representatives, Myanmar