Htee Moo Draw, No 8 Mission High School

Htee Moo Draw School is located in the refugee camp situated in the North West corner of Thailand, near the border of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma).

The people that live in this camp were forced to flee their country desperate to find safety. In their home country there is a civil war happening right now that has been going on for decades. Their villages and schools have been set fire by the Myanmar Army and these people have been forced to leave all of their belongings. Land mines have be place all around their villages making it impossible for these people to go back home safely. If these people, young or old, are captured by the Myanmar Army, they are forced to porter supplies for the army and are made to walk ahead of the army to set off land mines, shielding the soldiers.

Donors supply rations of food to these people who live in the refugee camp, but that is as far as the help goes.

Global Neighbors has taken the responsibility of supporting Htee Moo Draw School, which has been set up in the refugee camp. We supply the school with all of the required supplies and monthly wages for the teachers who live and work there. At this time we have 21 teachers that we sponsor. These teachers day does not end at 3:30 p.m., as they live with these students and provide support and comfort to many who have become orphaned by this horrific war they have been born into.

You can see photo’s of the teachers we sponsor, the refugee camp, boarding rooms, the classroom and some of the students and families that live there. There are approximately 80,000 people living in this refugee camp, with approximately another 10,000 that have been force to cross the border in the month of November 2010 due to the volatile situation in Myanmar.

As everyone is well aware, it takes money to purchase supplies to keep a school running. GNCI is grateful for any amount of a donation to the school and teachers.

Without this school, the students would not be getting an education. Without an education, these students don’t stand a chance to thrive and succeed.

Global Neighbors thanks you for your support.

The people in the Mae La Refugee Camp THANK YOU for your support.

Please contact GNCI for any questions or to provide a donation to this wonderful cause.

Htee Moo Draw, No 8 Mission High School