Hsa Thoo Lei School

Hsa Thoo Lei is a migrant school in Mae Sot, Tak Province, Thailand, which was established in 1999 by Ms. Paw Ray. Paw Ray is a teacher by profession. She noticed that the children of migrant workers were not being educated, so she started a school with 26 students but grew over the years to 900 students, of who 150 stay at the boarding house – either because they are orphaned or their families are too poor to look after them. There are many teachers and staff, plus foreign volunteers as they become available. These teachers and staff look after the children, give them a home, cook for them, and give them an education. This is truly a beautiful place to see people caring for people regardless of race or religious background.

Hsa Thoo Lei School is offering  K to 12, and plans to provide post secondary education with an online program in the future. The school teaches four languages, Thai, Burmese, Karen and English as well as Math, Geography, Science, Health and Music.

Hsa Thoo Lei