Mae Pleh Wah Kee Village Tract Health Center – Myanmar

In 2018, Global Neighbors was approached and asked to consider building a health clinic at the village of Mae Plet Wah Kee, Karen State, Myanmar.  There are 7 villages in this difficult to access area.  During rainy season most of the villages are completely inaccessible due to severe flooding from the river that runs through.  The incidence of death in childbirth is very high in this country.  Illnesses that we no longer see in Canada, such as the measles can be devastating.

In February of 2019, several board members made the visit to the area.  We discussed the possibility of construction with many, including head villagers.  When considering projects in this country, things that we take for granted in Canada must be taken into account.  There is no power grid, no water and no sanitation. This project was approved.  This clinic includes a Treatment Room, a Delivery Room, a Meeting Room, Administration Office, a Waiting area, as well as staff housing.  Power is provided through solar generation. Thanks to our friends at Compassionate Resource Warehouse, we were able to provide: 10 hospital beds, storage cabinets as well as many boxes of linens, blankets and other supplies.  We also provided start up medicines.

The grand opening was November 15th 2019.

Mae Pa Wah Khee Health Center
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