I’ll remember the smiling faces of all the people we’ve helped

At the beginning of this trip I had an idea of what it might be like, everything up until this point has completely surpassed everything I had imagined.

Stephanie said the other day that smiles are what stick the most. My first smile was in the Muslim migrant village, we were driving away after a tour and I waved to this little girl that was standing all alone. It took a second for her to react but when she did the biggest, cutest grin appeared on her face and I felt so much joy and knew right then that this would be a life changing experience.

I feel extremely lucky to have had this opportunity to come on this journey with such an amazing group of people. We’ve shared laughs and smiles and many tears along the way and it’s been amazing.

GNCI December 2013 Work TeamAs we head back to Chiang Mai tomorrow I’ll remember the smiling faces of all the people we’ve helped and I hope that we’ve made a positive impact on some of their lives even if it is small and only for a short while, I know that all the people we’ve met along the way have impacted my life in a way I will never forget.

Finishing this trip with a celebration with the safe house girls was truly amazing. They were so full of joy and getting to sing and dance with them was a lot of fun and hopefully they enjoyed it too.

I’d also like to say thank you to Dave, Heather, Erin, Denton a and Stephanie because without them none of this would be possible and they are all amazing people who truly have the biggest hearts. They made the trip a fun and memorable one for everyone!

Erica Nagy